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Here, are the series of development in recent days, that has an impact on socio -economic development of India UNGA WELCOMES THE JOINT STATEMENT BETWEEN INDIA AND PAKISTAN TO REDUCE BORDER TENSIONS AT LOC On Thursday, United Nation General Assembly President Volkan Bozkir welcome the ceasefire agreement between the two nations.For India, it is aContinue reading “INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENTS AND THEIR IMPACT ON INDIA”

Does the media manipulate the news stories?

     Today media houses focus on sharing filtered news, which has gone through many phases⏤ approval of media firm owners, satisfying political Elite and billionaires and then proofreading. Nowadays, we exposed to inaccurate information as mainstream media channels showing bias news, sharing information that might create a false perception about the events or anyContinue reading “Does the media manipulate the news stories?”

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